WALLENSTAM: Zoning plan ready for 900 apartments in Älta

2021-10-08 08:00:00

"Finally, we can start the construction in Älta. This is a long-awaited construction start after comprehensive development work and will contribute to more homes in an attractive area. What makes Älta so unique is the direct proximity to nature, Ältasjön (Lake Älta) and the genuine small-town feeling that we will continue to build on in our development," says Mathias Aronsson, Vice CEO of Wallenstam.

Taken together, Wallenstam's construction in central Älta will include six blocks.

"Älta residents have long demanded a more developed center. With the new zoning plan, Älta Centrum will become an attractive and lively meeting place with more apartments, larger cultural premises, increased retail and services. In Älta, Nacka is now being further developed on the basis of high quality. All parts of the municipality should have good local services, be attractive and sustainable in the long term," says Cathrin Bergenstråhle (Moderate Party), Chairman of the Environment and Urban Planning Committee in Nacka.

"We want to take advantage of all that is good in Älta already and contribute to a lively area where quality of life and the small town feeling are in focus. This will be the starting shot for our vision of creating natural and inviting meeting places around culture, services and retail and of connecting the square with existing residential areas," says Mathias Aronsson.

"The new center environment will be more outward-looking and accessible and better connected with its surroundings with more services and life between the buildings. The new square with its green elements is quite simply an improvement in quality," says Director of Urban Development in Nacka, Katarina Wåhlin Alm.

 The first block, which will be the starting shot in the construction involves about 200 apartments and almost 5,000 sq m of commercial floor space. The construction of the first block will start in fall 2021.