WALLENSTAM: 10,000 apartment construction starts

2021-10-11 08:05:00

"This is a milestone for us as a company. We are fundamentally a construction and property company but during the financial crisis in the 1990s our construction operations ceased for 10 years. The fact that we have provided 10,000 completely new homes since the turn of the millennium is something that I am very proud of," says Hans Wallenstam, CEO of Wallenstam.

"In Uppsala we are working hard to stop the housing shortage and ensure that there is enough housing for current and future Uppsala residents. We attach great importance to building mixed-use districts and actors such as Wallenstam are important in this work. I am happy that their 10,000[th] apartment happens to be in Rosendal," says Erik Pelling (Social Democratic Party), Chairman of the Municipal Executive Board.
"There is a really great need and demand for rental apartments, which are a flexible and hassle-free form of housing. We have an important mission in continuing to provide new quality homes, something that is crucial for companies, society and the individual," says Hans Wallenstam.

The Kompositören project will consist of 185 rental apartments, which are divided among three main building bodies featuring varied architecture in the choice of both materials and colors. Commercial floor space is planned on the ground floor with businesses, which will contribute to the life of the square. Meanwhile, the buildings' courtyard will be a relaxing oasis for socializing with neighbors and friends.