Vitrolife AB (publ): Vitrolife announces changes to the executive management team after the acquisition of Igenomix

2021-12-01 13:00:00

The executive management team will from 1 January, 2022, consist of:
Thomas Axelsson, President and Chief Executive Officer
Group Functions:
Francisco Jiménez, SVP Strategy & Corporate Development
Karin Koritz Russberg, SVP HR & Sustainability
Carlos Simón, Chief Scientific Officer
Patrik Tolf, Chief Financial Officer
Business Areas:
Claus Bisgaard, SVP Vitrolife Technology
Ricardo Capella, SVP Igenomix
Maria Forss, SVP Vitrolife Consumables
Business Functions:
Rickard Ericsson, SVP Vitrolife Sales & Marketing
Francisco Rodriguez, SVP Igenomix Affiliates

Gothenburg, December 1, 2021
Thomas Axelsson, CEO