The nomination committee’s proposal regarding election of board members of Bio-Works

2023-02-22 13:22:00

The nomination committee of Bio-Works Technologies has decided to submit the following proposal regarding election of board members at the annual general meeting of Bio-Works on May 26, 2023.

  • The board shall have four members (five at present)
  • Re-election of directors Peter Ehrenheim, Kirsti Gjellan, Johan Sedihn and Peter Nählstedt.
  • Re-election of Peter Ehrenheim as chair of the board.

Director Patrick Van De Velde has declined re-election.

The nomination committee prior to the 2023 annual general meeting consist of:

  • Staffan Persson (appointed by Nortal Investments AB/Swedia Invest AB)
  • Erik Åfors (Calyptra AB)
  • Dariush Hosseinian (Karkas Capital AB)
  • Peter Ehrenheim (chair of the board of Bio-Works)

Staffan Persson is appointed chair of the nomination committee.

The complete proposal will appear further in the notice to the annual general meeting.