Study published in Heart strengthens diagnostic value of Acarix CADScor System

2023-03-14 13:25:00

Acarix, a leader in acoustic and AI-based cardiac diagnostics, today announced the release of a new study published in the March 2023 issue of the scientific journal Heart. The study confirms that the CADScor®System has a very high rule-out accuracy in low-risk patients with chest pains, and potential to reduce the need for further, unnecessary clinical testing in this patient group by almost 50%.

The clinical study, published in Heart by Rasmussen et al, investigated the diagnostic performance of the Acarix CADScor System on 1,683 patients seeking healthcare for stable chest pain symptoms, and that were referred on for coronary CT angiography. The study also evaluated the potential of the CADScor System to reduce the proportion of low-risk patients undergoing unnecessary cardiac assessments based on ESC-PTP guidelines alone.

The study concluded that the CADScor System had a very high rule-out accuracy of coronary artery disease (CAD) in the patient cohort. Furthermore, the study showed that nearly half of all grey zone patients (with low-probability of CAD with ESC-PTP 5% to ≤15%) could be reclassified to be assessed with the CADScor System, showing a clear potential to help avoid further unnecessary clinical testing in larger patient groups.

“This is yet another very important study for Acarix that validates our AI-based technology and demonstrates the value that CADScor System brings to healthcare providers and patients. The ability to re-classify patients into a lower risk group is clinically relevant and an important driver for increased utilization of the CADScor System leading to faster patient evaluations, avoidance of unnecessary tests, and reduced overall diagnostics costs”, comments Helen Ljungdahl Round, Acarix President & CEO.

“When using traditional clinical likelihood models, such as the ESC-PTP, the low likelihood patient group can be clinically challenging, both from a patient volume perspective and from a clinical decision-making perspective,” commented Samuel Emil Schmidt, Associate Professor, Acarix co-founder, and study co-author. “Importantly, this study shows the results of using the CADScor System, to drive clarity in the large middle group (5% to ≤15% ESC-PTP), where the question is whether the patient should be sent home or be referred for further testing.