Smoltek Nanotech Holding AB: Smolteks's chairman Peter Augustsson will not be available for re-election

2023-02-02 15:30:00

"After five years as chairman of the board of Smoltek, it is in my opinion time to let a new force take over the chairmanship of this innovative company to take it to the next level", says Peter Augustsson, chairman of the board of Smoltek.

The nomination committee is now starting the search process with the ambition of presenting its complete proposal for the board, including a new board chairman, in good time before Smoltek's annual general meeting. The 2023 annual general meeting will be held in Gothenburg, on May 11 2023. Peter Augustsson remains chairman of the board until the annual general meeting.

"I would also like to take the opportunity to thank all the competent staff and management, as well as our shareholders in Smoltek, who in various ways have contributed to developing the company and its unique technology, which we have taken from a laboratory environment to apply when commercializing applications for the semiconductors and hydrogen markets. These are two very attractive industrial sectors, that we are now processing in collaboration with international industrial partners, concludes Peter Augustsson.