Smoltek Nanotech Holding AB: Smoltek initiates handover to the company's incoming CEO Håkan Persson

2021-09-08 08:35:00

Smoltek's interim CEO Marie Landfors will be available on a half-time basis during the full month of October to facilitate a smooth transition of the CEO role.

"It was valuable to include our incoming CEO in the recent round of updates on our business operations, where executives for our operating group companies Smoltek Semi and Smoltek Innovation presented updates on their respective business areas and discussed the way forward with the Board. All participants have a joint vision on how Smoltek shall continue to evolve and build value for our shareholders," says Peter Augustsson, Smoltek's Chairman of the Board.

Peter Augustsson also expects that the company will be able to share more information during the fall on the status and the way forward for Smoltek Semi and Smoltek Innovation, in addition to the recently published news item that the company's collaborative evaluation with a large global manufacturer of capacitors will enter a new phase after having achieved significant progress during the joint evaluation project. 

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Peter Augustsson, Chairman of the Board of Smoltek Nanotech Holding AB (publ)  
Telephone: +46 768 95 52 07