SEB Establishes External Sustainability Advisory Board

2021-11-17 13:00:00

SEB External Sustainability Advisory Board consists of:
Bo Becker, Professor of Finance, Stockholm School of Economics
Gretchen C. Daily, Professor of Environmental Science, Stanford University
Carl Folke, Professor of Natural Resource Management, Stockholm Resilience Center
Tomas Nauclér, Global Co-Leader of Sustainability, McKinsey

The aim with SEB External Sustainability Advisory Board is to allow SEB to discuss and test theses, theories and ideas concerning different subjects within sustainability with experts representing diverse experience and professions within this field. This will help SEB increase its knowledge and awareness, and make the bank better equipped to identify future challenges and opportunities.

"The importance of academic anchoring and outside-in perspectives cannot be exaggerated when it comes to matters concerning sustainability, and neither can our need to understand the direction and speed of sustainability-related changes," says Johan Torgeby, SEB's President and CEO. "I am very grateful and pleased that these esteemed experts have accepted joining SEB External Sustainability Advisory Board."