RevolutionRace begins a collaboration with the German football legend Philipp Lahm

2023-01-16 08:00:00

It is now clear that RevolutionRace is entering into a partnership with the former German national team captain and Bayern Munich player Philipp Lahm. This collaboration aims to inspire and encourage people to take advantage of nature's offerings.

After much behind-the-scenes work, RevolutionRace is thrilled to finally reveal that Philipp Lahm, a former professional at Bayern Munich, will serve as the outdoor brand's new ambassador. Not only is Philipp Lahm considered a world class defender, but he is also known for being a good team player, a trustworthy leader, and a great role model both on and off the pitch.

“As a leader and captain, and founder of the foundation "The Philipp Lahm Foundation" for the health of children and young people, Philipp Lahm daily inspires his surroundings to reach their full potential. Just like RevolutionRace, Philipp Lahm aims to see an increase in health promotion activities, not least by spending more time in nature. Philipp Lahm is a perfect ambassador for us, and we are very much looking forward to this exciting collaboration”, says Paul Fischbein, CEO of RevolutionRace

“A healthy, active lifestyle helps me cope with my daily tasks. With RevolutionRace, I have found a strong partner who supports me in being active, no matter the activity”, says Philipp Lahm.

In addition to being considered a world-class defender, Philipp Lahm is also known for being a good team player, a strong leader, and a great role model both on and off the football field. Just like RevolutionRace, Lahm live by the motto "Nature is our playground" and believe that nature is a place that provides both energy and recovery - which permeates the long-term collaboration that will be officially released on January 23rd via both RevolutionRace and Philipp Lahm's channels.