Resolutions at the extraordinary general meeting of BHG Group

2023-01-13 16:30:00

Today, Friday 13 January 2023, the extraordinary general meeting of BHG Group AB (publ) was held in Malmö. The following main resolutions were passed.

Appointment of and fees payable to members of the board of directors
The meeting resolved that the board of directors shall consist of five members with no deputies. Kristian Eikre and Vesa Koskinen were appointed new members of the board of directors, whereby Vesa Koskinen replaces current board member Niklas Ringby. The meeting also resolved to elect Christian Bubenheim (who was appointed acting chairman by the board in August 2022) as chairman of the board.

The meeting further resolved that remuneration to newly elected board members shall correspond to what was resolved on by the annual general meeting on 5 May 2022, prorated for the number of months on the board, except for Kristian Eikre, who refrains from remuneration. A corresponding prorating shall take place for resigning board members. In other respects, the annual general meeting’ s remuneration resolution applies unchanged.

Incentive program
The meeting finally resolved to implement a new long-term incentive program for the CEO of the company through the issue of not more than 1,898,654 warrants to the company’s wholly owned subsidiary for subsequent transfer to the CEO of the company. The warrants shall be transferred at a price per warrant amounting to the warrant’s market value at the time of the transfer, calculated pursuant to the Black & Scholes warrant valuation model. Each warrant entitles to subscription for one new share in the company at a subscription price of SEK 35. Subscription for new shares by virtue of the warrants shall be made during the period 3 April 2026 up to and including 3 July 2026.