Ratos AB: Ratos announces the final outcome in its recommended cash offer to the shareholders of Semcon

2022-11-14 17:15:00

On 26 September 2022, Ratos AB (publ) ("Ratos"), announced a recommended public offer to shareholders of Semcon AB (publ) ("Semcon") to tender all shares in Semcon at a price of SEK 157 in cash per share (the "Offer"). On 27 October 2022, Ratos announced that the Offer is completed and that the acceptance period is extended to 11 November 2022. At the end of the extended acceptance period, the Offer has been accepted by shareholders to the extent that Ratos holds approximately 98.7 percent of the total number of shares and votes in Semcon[1]. Ratos will not extend the acceptance period any further. The Offer is now closed.
Final outcome of the Offer
During the acceptance period which expired on 27 October 2022, the Offer had been accepted by shareholders representing 16,986,559 shares in Semcon, corresponding to approximately 96.3 percent of the total numbers of shares and votes[2]. During the extended acceptance period which expired on 11 November 2022, the Offer has been accepted by shareholders representing 424,861 additional shares in Semcon, corresponding to approximately 2.4 percent of the total numbers of shares and votes[3].
Prior to the announcement of the Offer, Ratos did not own any shares in Semcon. At the end of the Offer, Ratos holds 17,411,420 shares in Semcon, corresponding to approximately 98.7 percent of the total numbers of shares and votes[4]. Settlement for shares tendered in the Offer during the extended acceptance period is expected to commence around 17 November 2022.
Ratos has not acquired any shares in Semcon outside the Offer. Ratos does not hold any other financial instruments that provide a financial exposure to Semcon's shares.
Compulsory redemption and delisting
On 7 November 2022, Ratos initiated compulsory redemption of the remaining shares in Semcon. The Board of Directors of Semcon has applied for delisting of Semcon's shares from Nasdaq Stockholm and the last day of trading is 22 November 2022.
Ratos has engaged Lazard as financial advisor and KANTER as legal advisor in relation to the Offer.
Information regarding the Offer:
Information about the Offer is available at:
For inquiries, please contact:
Josefine Uppling, Vice President Communication & Sustainability, Ratos
Tel: +46 76 114 54 21, e-mail: josefine.uppling@ratos.com
For administrative questions regarding the Offer, please contact your bank or nominee registered as holder of your shares.
The information in this press release was submitted for publication by Ratos and the abovementioned contact person in accordance with the Swedish Act on Public Takeovers on the Stock Market and the Takeover Rules. The information was submitted for publication on 14 November 2022, at 17.15 (CET).
Important information
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About Ratos
Ratos is a business group consisting of 16 companies divided into three business areas: Construction & Services, Consumer and Industry. In total 2021, the companies have approximately SEK 37 billion in net sales. Our business concept is to own and develop companies that are or can become market leaders. We have a distinct corporate culture and strategy - everything we do is based on our core values: Simplicity, Speed in execution and It's All About People. We enable independent companies to excel by being part of something larger. People, leadership, culture and values are key focus areas.

[1] Not including the 474,542 own shares that Semcon holds.

[2] Not including the 474,542 own shares that Semcon holds.

[3] Not including the 474,542 own shares that Semcon holds.

[4] Not including the 474,542 own shares that Semcon holds.