Qliro discontinues email marketing of personal loans

2021-09-09 13:19:00

Following a close dialogue with our merchants, Qliro has decided to discontinue email marketing of personal loans. This decision was implemented on Tuesday, 7 September 2021.

Qliro’s email marketing of personal loans has recently been the subject of scrutiny. The criticism has primarily concerned the quantity of marketing of Qliro’s personal loans that has been distributed following a purchase through one of our merchant’s online shops. In connection with the company being made aware of the criticism, all marketing distributions regarding Qliro’s personal loans were discontinued immediately. Following a close dialogue with our merchants, Qliro decided on 7 September to permanently discontinue all email marketing of personal loans. This decision was started to be communicated to merchants on 8 September to be announced today, 9 September.

On 9 September, the Swedish Consumer Agency informed Qliro that the agency is preparing a supervisory matter based on the previous reporting. We welcome this investigation and will collaborate fully with the agency.

Qliro’s model for email marketing distribution has aimed to identify the customers who are interested in our products. One method of identifying these potential customers has been to measure interactions with our emails. As the recent scrutiny has shown, recipients may interact with our marketing emails without having any interest in our services. This is something we want to avoid, and we are therefore discontinuing our email marketing of personal loans.

“We regret that our merchants have been subjected to criticism due to our marketing of personal loans via email. Fundamentally, this is about focusing on and doing what is right for Qliro, which in practice means maintaining good relationships with our merchants. It is in our common interest that our shared end-consumer only receives relevant offers. We are consequently taking this step and are discontinuing email marketing,” says Carolina Brandtman, CEO at Qliro.

Qliro is a responsible actor on the consumer credit market. The majority of our customers with loans use our loans to lower their interest costs and improve their financial situation by paying off loans that have higher interest rates. We continue to offer our personal loans without any fees. Marketing of our personal loans will continue in our other channels such as our website and through our app.