Proact IT Group AB: Proact Managed Container Platform earns Certified Kubernetes® status

2022-10-04 08:00:00

To become certified, the Proact Managed Container Platform was tested for its ability to provide customers with benefits pertaining to the categories of Consistency, Timely updates and Confirmability. Technical requirements to ensure fulfilment of these benefits are defined by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) as part of its Certified Kubernetes Conformance Program. Fulfilling these requirements validates that customers using Proact's managed container platform can be assured of seamless user experience when moving between Kubernetes installations.

"As a CNCF member and engaged participant in the Kubernetes, Cloud Native and Linux community, it was a given from the outset that we would apply for the Certified Kubernetes status for our container platform. Openness is very important to us - both in terms of technology and customer relations. And I believe the Proact Managed Container Platform reflects that," says Kenneth Albinsson, CTO and co-founder of Conoa, Proact's subsidiary.

"Our platform is ideal for organisations that want to try out containers for the first time or who have already taken the first steps to becoming cloud-native," adds Per Sedihn, CTO at Proact. "With this certification, they can be confident that our platform will continue to meet their needs even as these evolve over time."