Plejd: New products at Light + Building 2022

2022-09-23 08:53:07

CEO Babak Esfahani comments
We are showing a range of exciting products at Light + Building, and we are convinced that these will strengthen our European offer. The success in Norway serves as a good example of how a market can develop from an initially lower growth pace to very rapid growth when the product's design has been adjusted to fit the local market's requirements better. Several countries are currently in this initial position on the market, for example, Finland, the Netherlands, and Iceland. We will continue the expansion by opening up for deliveries to more countries in the coming years, such as Germany, Spain, Switzerland, and Poland. With the infrastructure in place in these countries as a broad base, we will continue to deliver product adaptations for local market needs with the ambition to see them follow a similar growth pattern that we have seen in Norway.