New order for customized GoBio to American gene therapy market

2023-01-20 09:20:00

Today, Bio-Works has confirmed a new order worth 3.4 million SEK for GoBio prepacked columns to the American market. The order is planned for delivery during the first half of the year. The order is for a unique version of GoBio, specially developed for the purification of plasmids, a precursor used in the manufacture of viral vectors for gene therapy applications. The customization allows the user to achieve a result which would not be possible with a standard solution.

”We see that more and more customers are realizing that they can improve their results by using a more customized purification product, and here Bio-Works can play an important role,” says Jonathan Royce, CEO at Bio-Works.

“We have the technical competence and flexibility to quickly be able to develop niche products for our customers—products which can truly be game changing. For us as a company, customization means that we can develop products for our portfolio of tools which can help other customers with similar challenges. It’s a win-win.”

GoBio is Bio-Works’ new product line av “prepacked” columns, an offering within the rapidly growing category of “plug and play” solutions. The term ”prepacked” encompasses turnkey solutions which enable the user to skip the time-consuming and technically-complicated operations involved in manually packing a chromatography column.

This order is a follow-up to the order which was announced on 12 May 2022 to an American manufacturer of plasmids.