MedCap AB: MedCap announces the final outcome in its recommended cash offer to the shareholders of AdderaCare

2022-12-27 14:30:00

On 17 November 2022, MedCap AB (publ) ("MedCap AB"), announced a recommended public offer to shareholders of AdderaCare AB (publ) ("AdderaCare") to tender all shares in AdderaCare at a price of SEK 3.60 in cash per share (the "Offer"). The Offer is implemented through Abilia Sverige Holding AB, Reg.No 556682-1251 ("Abilia"), a subsidiary of MedCap AB (MedCap AB and Abilia are collectively referred to as "MedCap"). On 23 December 2022, MedCap AB announced that the Offer had been preliminary accepted to the extent that MedCap holds more than 90 percent of the shares and votes in AdderaCare and that MedCap completes the Offer and extends the acceptance period to the 9 January 2023. MedCap now announces the final outcome after the initial acceptance period.

Final outcome of the Offer after the initial acceptance period

Prior to the announcement of the Offer, MedCap did not own any shares in AdderaCare. At the end of the initial acceptance period on 23 December 2022, the Offer had been accepted by shareholders representing 31 885 385 shares in AdderaCare, corresponding to approximately 94,57 percent of the total numbers of shares and votes in AdderaCare.

MedCap has not acquired any shares in AdderaCare outside the Offer. MedCap does not hold any other financial instruments that provide a financial exposure to AdderaCare's shares.

Settlement for shares tendered in the Offer during the period ending on 23 December 2022 is expected to commence around 2 January 2023.

Extension of the acceptance period

In order to give the shareholders who have not accepted the Offer an additional possibility to accept the Offer, MedCap has decided to extend the acceptance period until 9 January 2023 at 17:00 CET. Settlement for shares tendered in the Offer during the extended acceptance period is expected to commence around 16 January 2023.

During the extended acceptance period, MedCap may acquire or agree to acquire shares in AdderaCare. Such acquisitions and agreements will be made in accordance with applicable Swedish laws and regulations.


KANTER Advokatbyrå KB is legal advisor to MedCap in connection with the Offer.

Information regarding the Offer

Information about the Offer is available at:

For inquiries, please contact:

Anders Dahlberg, CEO, MedCap

Tel: +46 704 269 262, e-mail:

For administrative questions regarding the Offer, please contact primarily your bank or nominee where you have your shares registered.

The information in this press release has been published by MedCap, through the agency of the contact person, in accordance with the Takeover Rules. This press release was submitted for publication on 27 December 2022 at 14.30 (CET).