K-Fast Holding AB's Nomination committee for the 2023 Annual General Meeting

2022-11-25 15:45:00

According to the instructions for the Nomination committee adopted at K-Fast Holding AB (publ)'s Extraordinary General Meeting on 19 August 2019, the Nomination committee shall consist of four members representing the three largest shareholders in terms of number of votes as of 30 September, together with the Chairman of the Board. If a shareholder, who is entitled to appoint a representative to the Nomination committee, abstains from appointing a representative, the right to appoint a representative shall pass to the largest shareholder who was previously not entitled to appoint a representative to the Nomination committee.

The Nomination Committee for the 2023 Annual General Meeting consists of Stefan Alvarsson, Chairman of the Nomination committee, representing Jacob Karlsson AB, Sharam Rahi, representing Erik Selin Fastigheter Aktiebolag, Johannes Wingborg, representing Länsförsäkringar Fondförvaltning AB (publ) and Erik Selin, Chairman of K-Fast Holding AB. The term of the Nomination committee extends until the next Nomination committee has been appointed.

On 30 September 2022, the shareholders who appointed members to the Nomination committee jointly represented approximately 82.0 percent of the outstanding votes in K-Fast Holding AB.

The Nomination committee's task is to present proposals to the Annual General Meeting 2023 regarding the number of Board members to be elected by the AGM, composition of the Board, Chairman of the Board, Board fees, auditors and Auditor's fees and Chairman of the AGM.

The Nomination committee's proposal will be presented in the notice convening the 2023 Annual General Meeting and on the company's website, k-fastigheter.com (http://www.k-fastigheter.com/en).

Shareholders wishing to get in contact with the Nomination committee can contact Stefan Alvarsson, e-mail: stefan.alvarsson@onepartnergroup.se.A person who wishes to submit a proposal or leave comments to the Nomination Committee may do so in writing in a letter to K-Fastigheter, Nomination committee, Bultvägen 7, SE-281 43 Hässleholm, Sweden.

For more information, please contact:
Stefan Alvarsson, Chairman of the Nomination committee
e-mail: stefan.alvarsson@onepartnergroup.se

Johan Hammarqvist, Head of Investor Relations and Communications
e-mail: johan.hammarqvist@k-fastigheter.se,telephone: +46 (0) 10-167 60 99

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