Husqvarna Group publishes its 2022 Sustainability report

2023-03-14 12:00:00

Sustainovate is the Group's approach in combining its leading innovation capability with a strong commitment to sustainability. Through Sustainovate, Husqvarna Group is rethinking how products can be used more efficiently, produce them with resource-smart materials and power them with non-fossil fuel alternatives. By pioneering solutions, customers make more sustainable choices every day.

"Husqvarna Group is a company that thrives on transformation. This capability has never been more important as we lead our industry into low-carbon, resource-smart solutions. We are building an ever-stronger Group by capturing new opportunities that strengthen our position," says Pavel Hajman, acting CEO of Husqvarna Group.

Summarizing 2022, the Group's CO\2\ footprint reduction is at -32% which is on track with the Science based target of a -35% CO\2\ reduction across the value chain between 2015 and 2025.

Husqvarna Group's ambitions include increasing the share of electrified motorized products to 67% by 2026 from 34% today. Although demand for electrical and autonomous products is growing, supply-chain disruptions impacted the ability to deliver electrical products according to plan during 2022. The second target within Sustainovate addresses circularity, where the Group aims to rethink and redesign for a resource-smart customer experience. By the end of 2022, ten circular innovations were launched and the work continues towards the target of 50 launched circular innovations by 2025. The final target, to empower 5 million customers and colleagues to make sustainable choices, had reached 572,000 by the end of 2022.

During fall 2022, the Group announced an acceleration program for the shift to an increased low carbon offering and will increase R&D investments in autonomous mowers, battery, smart watering, and professional products.

The complete CEO message along with comprehensive data, concrete examples and future visions can be found in the Sustainovate Report on