Fasadgruppen and Riksbyggen in cooperation for energy savings through the SmartFront method

2022-10-25 08:00:00

Fasadgruppen’s subsidiary SmartFront AB has signed a cooperation agreement with Riksbyggen to jointly offer measures that save energy and money for tenant-owner associations. Through the agreement, Smartfront and Riksbyggen will be able to already from the planning phase evaluate the possibility for overall solutions within ventilation, thermal insulation and façade renovations.

Stefan Forsberg, CEO of SmartFront said: “To initiate this cooperation with Riksbyggen shows how important the topic is regarding measures that decrease energy use in multi-family residential properties in order to meet the tough situation with surging energy prices and large carbon emissions.”

Johan Sundlöf, Business Manager for Riksbyggen’s reconstruction operations, said: “To decrease our customer’s energy use is part of Riksbyggen’s climate goals and a way to contribute to financial sustainability among the tenant-owner associations. It is exciting to have signed this cooperation agreement with Smartfront, which has a good solution for multi-family residentials that saves both energy and money for the associations.”

SmartFront is a patented method for upgrading the façade, ventilation and windows on existing properties. Riksbyggen’s service Energy Management, with the purpose of achieving maximum energy savings through a continuous analysis and optimisation with an energy engineer, and Smartfront’s method complete each other in an efficient way.

Riksbyggen already has ongoing projects where the SmartFront method is used, such as for the tenant-owner association Storspoven in Umeå and tenant-owner association Kungsberget in Linköping.