Correction: Arion Bank hf.: Tier 2 bond offering in ISK Published: 2022-11-17 8:30

2022-11-17 15:48:00

Reference is made to the announcement published this morning regarding Tier 2 offering. In the english version it was stated that the bonds are zero coupon. This is incorrect, the bonds pay coupon semi annually with one payment of principal at maturity date.

Arion bank will be offering two ISK denominated Tier 2 bonds. An index linked and a non-indexed linked bond will be sold to investors.
Both bonds have semi annual interest payments and one payment of principal on maturity date. The final maturity date will be 15. December 2033. The bonds are callable with a call date on 15. December 2028 and on every interest payment date thereafter (11NC6).

The offering will be on 1 December 2022 with settlement and listing on Nasdaq Iceland on 15 December.

The bonds will be issued under Arion Bank´s EUR 3.000m Euro Medium Term Note (EMTN) Programme which enables Arion Bank to issue bonds in a broad range of currencies at fixed or floating interest rates. The EMTN Base Prospectus is available at:

Arion Bank reserves the right to accept or reject offers in part or in whole.

The offering will be managed by Arion Bank Capital Markets. All offers shall be submitted by email to before 16:00 on 1. December 2022.