Conversion of A shares to B shares in Vitec

2022-12-21 16:20:00

The number of shares and votes in Vitec Software Group AB (publ) has changed as a result of reclassification of shares of series A to shares of series B.

After the reclassification the total number of registered and outstanding shares in the company is 37,328,539 divided on 2,650,000 shares of series A and 34,678,539 shares of series B. The number of votes has decreased with 2,700,000 from 63,878,539 to 61,178,539.

In accordance with the conversion clause specified in the Articles of Association §5 Aktieslag has owner and chairman of the board Lars Stenlund converted 300,000 shares of series A to the corresponding number shares of series B. After the conversion Lars Stenlund holds shares with voting rights of 19.75% and an equity of 4.16%.