Change in number of shares and votes in Alimak Group

2023-03-31 08:00:00

Alimak Group AB (publ) (“Alimak Group”) has, as previously announced, carried out a rights issue of shares. The shares subscribed for with subscription rights in the rights issue have been registered by the Swedish Companies Registration Office and have been converted from paid subscribed shares into new shares in Alimak Group which has resulted in an increase of 53,222,534 shares and votes, respectively.

Prior to the issue of new shares, there were 54,157,861 shares in Alimak Group, corresponding to 54,157,861 votes. Through the issue, the number of shares has increased by 53,222,534, corresponding to 53,222,534 votes.

As of 31 March 2023, the total number of shares in Alimak Group amounts to 107,380,395 shares, corresponding to 107,380,395 votes.[1]

[1] Alimak Group’s holding of treasury shares amounts to 742,611 shares as per March 31, 2023.