Bio-Works signs distributor agreement with Biotop Oy for the Finnish market

2023-01-11 08:00:00

Bio-Works Technologies AB has signed an exclusive distributor agreement with Biotop Oy regarding Finland. Under the agreement, Biotop Oy will market, sell and distribute WorkBeads, Bio-Work's next generation protein purification products, to its customers. Biotop thus has access to a competitive product catalog for the purification of a wide range of biomolecules.

"Biotop is well established and known for its focus on innovative products for the research and diagnostics market. This makes them a perfect partner for Bio-Works and we are very happy to welcome them onboard”, says Jonathan Royce, CEO of Bio-Works.

"Particularly exciting is that Biotops offer their products not only through direct sales, but also through "Bioshops", physical stores in strategic locations in Finland, where Bio-Works products will be available directly of the shelf."

Biotop Oy is a Finnish Life Science company founded in 1991. The company imports and distributes innovative products for research and diagnostics. Biotop Oy represents around thirty suppliers from Germany, France, Great Britain, Belgium, Hungary, Japan, Sweden, Norway and the USA. The company offers products and equipment in the categories of molecular biology, cell and tissue culture. Biotop also works closely with Finnish research groups to help commercialize their innovations.

"The collaboration with Bio-Works will significantly expand Biotop's product range," says Biotop's CEO, Risto Ranta.

“This agreement equips us with a linear scale-up, from process validation to commercial- and GMP-manufacturing.”

For over a decade, Bio-Works has focused on setting up collaborations with local distributors in Europe, USA and Asia. The establishment of Biotop Oy as a local distributor in Finland aligns well with the company strategy to support customers with local resources.