Bio-Works awarded EU grant for development of environmentally-friendly purification of biotherapeutics

2022-12-20 09:13:00

The demand for more environmentally friendly production of pharmaceuticals is growing, thus driving in turn the demand for alternative solutions to purify biopharmaceuticals. Bio-Works has been awarded a 250,000 SEK grant from the EU's regional structure fund to develop a production method for chromatography resins which eliminates the use of fossil-fuel based solvents.

“If the production of biological drugs is going to become climate neutral, a fossil-fuel free purification process is critical, and Bio-Works is taking a big step in that direction with the product that we are now developing. I am very happy and hopeful that we are going to contribute in a concrete way to a more sustainable future for the biotech industry, “ said Jonathan Royce, CEO at Bio-Works.

Purification with the help of chromatography resins is a step in the production of biological drugs which is critical to ensure that that the drug can be administered to patients. A new type of resin, based on fossil-fuel free raw materials, would significantly shrink the final product’s total carbon footprint. Today, there are no completely fossil-fuel free resins on the market.

The project is planned to be executed during 2023 and is part of the EU’s green initiative with the aim of reducing the region’s carbon footprint. The new production method is expected to be implemented in 2024/2025.

To read more about the EU’s green initiative, visit Tillväxtverket