Adapteo Group: Reused flooring waste reduced Adapteo's carbon dioxide emissions by 33 tonnes

2021-06-04 09:00:00

Adapteo's business is based on a circular business concept. Its buildings are flexible and optimized for the needs that arise. The buildings are reused multiple times, without compromising on indoor environment or quality.

Tarkett is Adapteo's main supplier of flooring, and the collaboration between the companies goes back several years. Since 2020, Tarkett collects all flooring waste that generated in Adapteo's Swedish production, reusing it in the production of new floors. This saves material and reduces carbon dioxide emissions.

"The collaboration with Tarkett is a clear example of how we want to work together with our suppliers to reduce our environmental impact. It is about identifying new opportunities for the reuse or recycling of as much as possible in our buildings," says Hanna Wennberg, SVP Marketing, Communication & Sustainability at Adapteo Group. 

Every tonne of recycled flooring waste means a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions by 3.7 times as much. Since the collaboration began, 8.7 tonnes of material have been reused or recycled by Tarkett, which corresponds to reduced carbon dioxide emissions by almost 33 tonnes.